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East China LED lighting supply chain good product itinerant seminar started.
Date: 2018-05-22 17:54 Click: 0
East China LED lighting supply chain good product itinerant seminar started.

In China's big LED lighting industry, the important status of east China cannot be ignored.

Compared with the pearl river delta region, which is represented by guangdong province, the output of LED in east China is slightly inferior, but it is more perfect in supporting industry chain. Especially in the field of epitaxial chips, in east China has three Ann photoelectric, dry as photoelectric, bdo, such as chip manufacturing base of listed companies and Chinese Taiwan LED shelter-forest industry transfer, one of the main destination for application development in the middle encapsulation and provides more components supplier selection.

At the same time, the advantaged geographical conditions make the LED lighting export in east China occupy a large proportion in the whole country. Ningbo down electric Liao Changyan kay said, jiangsu and zhejiang area for transformation from the traditional lighting to LED lighting enterprise, mostly mature overseas channels, its nature of LED lighting will continue to use its overseas channels, really pay attention to the domestic market but not much.

According to the data, in January and June of this year, the export of LED lamps in zhejiang was $107 million, an increase of 40.25% compared with the same period last year. Xiamen LED lamps exported $664.28 million, up 277.71 percent from the same period last year. Even though LED lighting export business is not very developed nanchang, this year's export volume has also improved significantly, to $870,000, more than 10 times.

It can be seen that LED lighting export situation in east China is encouraging. However, as the United States, the European Union and other places of important export market, the export standards are increasing day by day, and the export of LED lamps in east China is facing a great test.

First of all, the export risk of enterprise products increases, and the export standard raises the higher requirements on the quality and performance of the export products, resulting in the increase of the notification rate of the products. Take Rapex, the European Union, for example. In January and June of this year, the export of LED lamps in China was reported 19, accounting for 35.2 percent of the total number of lamps and lanterns. Compared with the same period last year, the export standards of China's LED lamps were up 23.6%, and the future export standards would be stricter.

Second, lamps and lanterns of reversed transmission costs rise, according to the latest regulations of energy efficiency of LED lighting products, energy efficiency index above 0.2 since September next year to enter the eu market LED lamps and lanterns, equivalent to 2.2 of the current China's national standard requirement, each specification product certification and all costs more than ten thousand yuan in selectiving examination, as a direct result of the LED lamps and lanterns of the cost of production rise by 20%.

Therefore, LED application enterprises in east China face two demands, first of all, the improvement of product quality, and secondly, the control of product supply chain cost. In order to achieve these two demands, it is very important to optimize the procurement channel of accessories from the source.

"If it's main domestic market, east China lamps and lanterns of accessories can be self-sufficient, if they are exported overseas, requires a different matter, accessories procurement channels need to be optimized in east China." Zhu xiaobiao, general manager of zhongzhou, said.

The authority of the media as the LED lighting industry and supply chain integration experts - high LED from August 5-2013 already in guangdong area, zhongshan, foshan, jiangmen, shenzhen, dongguan) successfully hosted the "guangdong LED lighting supply chain senior seminar" series of activities, good products, good technology LED lighting supply chain and supply chain optimization, and the future development trend of risk control, has carried on the fruitful sharing, attracting more than 1500 local LED lighting enterprises to participate in.

For those routes, 2013 east China LED lighting supply good products workshop tour and high annual golden globes LED products recruiting activities, will be in hangzhou (27 August), ningbo (28 August), nanjing (September 2), (September 10) held in xiamen.

Completely, the LED will be there with excellent components and accessories brand suppliers both at home and abroad, through the display and means of communication, a help to further optimize lighting LED lighting enterprise in east China's raw materials procurement channels, through screening, the introduction of high quality, high ratio of upstream components and parts of lamps and lanterns resources, to improve the quality of LED lighting products, and reduce the product cost at the same time, create favorable conditions for export overseas.

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